HTC Organization


Who we are...


The Hawaii Medicinal Tea & Herb Cooperative (HTC) was established in March 2016 by award winning Mississippi tea farm developer Jason McDonald and Grif Frost, serial entrepreneur and Hilo based cooperative business development specialist.
In July 2016, Takeshi and Corinne Akatsuka, second generation owners of Akatsuka Orchid Garden nursery and retail business, a 30 acre property, located adjacent to the Hawaii Volcano National Park, a major Hawaii visitors destination, joined the Cooperative.
In April 2018, Eric Swilley of Mana Property Development and Nigel Melican of Teacraft joined HTC to develop Hawaii based tea farms and to provide turnkey tea farm development services for landowners and investors.

Our Mission...

  • Economically revitalize the agricultural industry in the Hawaiian islands with a community-focused Cooperative solution that fills the void left from the plantation solution failure.
  • Drive community participation and greater inclusion of farmers, consumers, and investors through innovative solutions (MOE) and industry-leading knowledge and practice.
  • Bridge the gap between resources (land, money) and capabilities (services) to realize solutions that were previously unattainable.

Our Values...

  • Non-profit with community focus-- at-cost goods & services with equitable revenue distribution to the Cooperative membership for sustainability and community betterment.
  • Environment of inclusion and cooperation/working together (synergy) as opposed to competitive divisiveness.
  • Environmentally responsible and ecologically sensitive in practice and result.
  • Community-focused reinvestment of all Cooperative net-surplus to revitalize Hawaiian agriculture and provide positive value to our neighbors.

Benefits of Membership...

  • Knowledge
    • Industry-leading/world class research & knowledge-base
    • Industry-leading/world class agricultural consultancy
  • Service
    • Industry-leading/world class services & capabilities.
    • Innovative and proven agricultural processing capabilities & resources.
  • Opportunity
    • Member Opportunity Exchange
    • Established (global) commercial distribution networks
    • “At cost” Cooperative goods and services. 
    • Sharing in the earnings of the business
  • Participation
    • Being part of a community of like-minded producers with shared values
    • Participating in the governance of a new, exciting, local farmer-owned and -operated venture
    • Helping to increase Hawai‘i’s food security and agricultural sustainability

Become a member!

Whether you’re a member landowner who wishes to develop your own specialty tea farm with the HTC’s services, a member landowner who wishes to develop your own specialty tea farm with a cooperative group of member investors, or just a member investor who wants to own a specialty tea farm without owning land or getting your hands dirty, HTC has a model for you to explore.  If you want to begin your journey toward owning your own tea farm, contact HTC today!

For more information on our Cooperative, investment opportunities, or our products, please contact us info@HawaiiTea.Coop .